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Short Films for Short Children I part B

Runtime: 48 min. | Recommended Ages: 4-6

Amazing colorful and melodious short animated stories for children aged 4 and up, without dialogue.

The program is prefaced by the actor Dimitris Pleionis

Shorts in this lineup:

Photo 1 img-The_Goose-300dpi-1.jpg


Animation by Jan Mika I Czech Republic I

 12min. I No dialogue


A boy fantasizes about becoming a famous footballer, playing in big stadiums - but first he has to win a match in a small backyard against a goose.

Photo 4 5_big.jpg


Animation by Anastasiia Chikerlan I Russian Federation I 6min. I No dialogue


The main character is a giant girl who likes ships a lot. One day a strong storm broke out in the port. One of the ships could not enter the port due to strong wind. The girl helps to moor the ship. One of the rescued sailors falls in love with her and tries to get her attention.

Photo 2 Marea_Still_DownHill_72dpi_.jpg


Animation by Giulia Martinelli  I Switzerland I

4 min I  No dialogue


A special family of moon guardians is living on a tiny island and dealing with the ups and downs of their everyday life and of the tide. The film depicts the delicate balance between the characters and the environment in which they live.

Poster 89923d2ea2-poster.jpg


Animation by Irene Iborra I Spain I 10min I

No dialogue


The sun rises happily over the horizon and is welcomed by the most beautiful landscape. The humans also wake up and do what they always do: cut down trees, construct aimlessly and pollute without shame. Their ideas and actions, usually very disrespectful to the planet, are putting in jeopardy the whole environment. What they do not realize, is that whatever they do, it will affect them sooner or later. However the cosmos is not that patient…

Photo 3 Toink_still_9.jpg


Animation by An Vrombaut I Belgium I 8 min I

No dialogue


On the savannah, a group of strange animals play a game of hide-and-seek. They look like giraffes, but without necks. Suddenly, Gerda grows a long neck. After the initial shock, the group resume their game, but Gerda has a hard time hiding. When clouds appear and cover Gerda's neck like a scarf, Gerda loses sight of the group. An actual game of hide-and-seek begins…

Photo 1 TUMULTE_still_frame_01.jpg


Animation by Baptiste Ratajski I France I

8min I No dialogue


A molecule assembler and his disciple work around a giant well. The disciple first draws the atoms and the teacher then assembles them in earnest, seeking to create the perfect form. But the arrival of a mysterious creature pushes them to descend inside the well where they discover a strange machine. This machine disassembles the professor, allowing him to become the shape he was trying to create.

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