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MCF - Michael Cacoyannis Foundation


The cinema hall has 121 seats, wheelchair access and dedicated spaces. Its fixed screen can be converted to 4 different formats.


There is a Dolby Surround system and the facility for both analog and digital projection.


The colors' selection of the surfaces was made in order to meet the various uses of the room, while blue, gray and a slight black are the prevailing colors. The materials' selection as well as the ceiling's morphology is due to aesthetics and acoustic requirements. The result is a harmonious interchange of sound absorbing and sound reflecting materials.


People with mobility problems 

From the exterior of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation to its interior disabled people are able to move with ease.


When you book your tickets to attend the Psaroloco Children's and Adolescent International Film Festival at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation please inform the ticket clerk in order to be given the appropriate seats in the hall. You can contact the Public Areas Manager at

(tel. 210 4143 300) for questions or clarifications.

People with non-obvious disabilities as well as people with guide dogs

At the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, all people with non-obvious disabilities, such as sight and hearing problems, are welcome.

Also people with neurological disorders such as Tourette Syndrome, people with autism or people suffering from anxiety disorder and panic attacks or people with guide dogs. There is provision for seats that favor discreet viewing by these people, ensuring the least possible disturbance to the rest of the audience. These seats are very close to an exit for cases of physical or mental illness. At the same time our staff has been informed regarding the management of both the spectator with no apparent disability and other spectators who may be concerned.

To reserve the seats, you can contact the manager of public spaces at (tel. 210 4143 300 ) /

The available seats will be reserved up to 15 minutes before the screening.

Address: 206, Piraeus Str.

(near Chamosternas Str.)

Tavros, Athens 177 78.

Tel.: +30 210 341 8550.


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