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We are embarking on a fundraising campaign to sustain all that we do, highlighting the communities we’ve brought together over the past year.

We’ve always known that film has the power to bring people together, but it doesn’t happen alone or all at once. We’re incredibly proud of the communities we’ve built—among audiences, filmmakers, organizations, classmates and more—in all of our work, starting with the annual Festival.

When we watch and laugh and gasp together, we’re building community. When screenings end, the lights come up, and conversation begins, we’re building community. When filmmakers from around the world meet at the Festival and go home with a network of collaborators, we’re building community. When families are still discussing films on the subway, with neighbors, and at the dinner table, we’re building community. And that’s not including our year-round National Tour, Psaroloco Edu and Special event series


We hope you’ll consider making a contribution in support of our programs—and the communities we’re creating everywhere.

National Bank of Greece
Account: 168/620779-02
IBAN: GR 0601101680 0000 16862077 902
Beneficiary: KYKLOS
 civil non-profit

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