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Short Films for Short Children I part A

Runtime: 49 min. | Recommended Ages: 4-6

Amazing colorful and melodious short animated stories for children aged 4 and up, without dialogue.

The program is prefaced by actress Lena Papaligoura.

Shorts in this lineup:

Photo 3 Still02.jpg


Animation by Arvind Singh Jeena I India I 7min. I No dialogue


In a primary school classroom, a fun filled, hyper mischievous, noisy bunch of 4th graders are caught off-guard as the teacher walks in unannounced; followed by a surprise test of creativity and character. Will all of them complete it in time?

Photo 3 still_rainboy_008.jpg


Animation by Barbara Brunner I Switzerland I 5min. I No dialogue


Rainboy isn't a common gardener. He plants drops and grows clouds. While working he injures the vain sun. Revenge! The prognosis for the boy is bleak, but he teams up with the clouds and thus manages to brighten the sun's spirits again. A short film about stormy conflicts.

Go Away, Alfred! (2).jpg


Animation by Célia Tisserant, Arnaud Demuynck  I France - Belgium I 11 min I  No dialogue


Alfred had to flee his country because of the war. Without housing, he wanders, from rejection to rejection. One day he meets Sonia, who offers him a coffee..

Topics : solidarity, social misery, migration.

Photo 1 Still2.jpg


Animation by Christian Arredondo Narváez, Diego Alonso Sánchez de la Barquera EstradaI Mexico I 8min I No dialogue


After witnessing an old dark stormy cloud painfully rain and die in sorrow, Noma, a puffy white cloud realizes that Mixtli, her daughter, a dark stormy cloud, is in danger of raining prematurely.

Poster e55268e546-poster.jpg


Animation by Bram Algoed I Belgium I 10 min I

No dialogue


A story about a pilot, a captain, a machinist, a driver, a mailman, a girl... and a giant box. What's in the box, the giant box that the pilot brought with him from a country, far, far away? Probably an elephant, the captain thinks, and very carefully he loads the box onto his ship. The ship hobbles and wobbles on the high seas. A strong gust breaks open the walls of the box creakingly. And what’s in the box? Another box!

Photo 9 image-La_Boulangerie_de_Boris-300dpi-09.jpg


Animation by Masa Avramovic I France I

8 min I No dialogue


Every morning, Boris the village baker makes a fresh batch of crusty bread and pastries for all his neighbours until… Achoo! He can’t stop sneezing. He has become allergic to flour. How will he manage to keep baking for everyone in the village?

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