Media Literacy that is defined by the European Commission as: "The set of technical, cognitive, social, civic and creative skills in the broad media environment" (COM 2007/833, REC 2009/625/EC, COM 2018/22). More specifically, media literacy is a wide concept that incorporates the skills to:

  • Access traditional and new media, all digital platforms included

  • Understand, analyse, filter and critically evaluate all messages in media contents

  • Create communications in all media formats and in a variety of contexts


Media literacy addresses all media and imagery in society: Press (news literacy), photos, radio and television (audiovisual literacy), film and audiovisual works (film literacy), the Internet and new technologies (ICT/digital literacy), advertisement and marketing (commercial literacy), video-games and VRs (gaming literacy), animation, and any other expression in the digital environment that caters for a competitive knowledge society.