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               MEDIA LITERACY

Media Literacy that is defined by the European Commission as: "The set of technical, cognitive, social, civic and creative skills in the broad media environment" (COM 2007/833, REC 2009/625/EC, COM 2018/22). More specifically, media literacy is a wide concept that incorporates the skills to:

  • Access traditional and new media, all digital platforms included

  • Understand, analyse, filter and critically evaluate all messages in media contents

  • Create communications in all media formats and in a variety of contexts


Media literacy addresses all media and imagery in society: Press (news literacy), photos, radio and television (audiovisual literacy), film and audiovisual works (film literacy), the Internet and new technologies (ICT/digital literacy), advertisement and marketing (commercial literacy), video-games and VRs (gaming literacy), animation, and any other expression in the digital environment that caters for a competitive knowledge society.

Source Εkome

HERE are two United Resolution that we should all be aware of !!


  1. UNESCO’s 193 Member States underlined the importance of media and information literacy by proclaiming Global Media and Information Literacy Week (24-31 October) in 40 C/Resolution 56.

  2. This was further affirmed by over 200 countries when the United Nations General Assembly endorsed media and information literacy as an    imperative public matter through Resolution A/RES/75/267.

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