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Short Films - Short Adventures B

Runtime:  42min. | Recommended Ages: 7+

The films are screened under Greek subtitles

The program "Short Films – Short Adventures" for ages 7 years and older screens 4 films full of adventure and secrets.

They project the acceptance of diversity and the power of nature through an inventive series of narrative approaches.

Shorts in this lineup:

Photo 2 AffeMdchen_frame_2410.jpg


Animation by Ulf Grenzer I Germany I 4min


An ape is reminiscing about his life in the jungle.
At the zoo, he meets a manager and his daughter, who is a great fan of animals.
The manager can hardly get around to doing his job via mobile and laptop, while the Orangutan and the girl both have a lot of fun together.
A chain of occasional events changes his cage life forever.

Photo 2 Lost__Found_still_2.jpg


Animation by Vivian Papageorgiou I Greece

  9min  I No dialogue


A suitcase is ready for a new trip with its owner but isn’t exactly happy for that. It wants to travel alone and be free so is trying to convince the other suitcases for a revolution but no one is willing to do so. The suitcase meets her soul mate and after a mess up in the airport they manage to escape this golden cage and live free and happy ever after.

Poster c409a4b245-poster.jpg


Animation by Jack Shih I Taiwan I 4min


Nee-Gu Lo took the liberty of signing his chubby father up for bodybuilder competition, although his father did not manage to build the Apollo’s belt after going through a challenging series of trainings, he was touched by the support of his little boy, Mr. Lo stepped up against the boos from the crowd, and reversed the outcome with a heartwarming speech, which made everyone very proud of this fat man

Photo 6 Giuseppe_06.jpg


Animation by Isabelle Favez I

Switzerland I 26’ min


Autumn is coming to an end, and Giuseppe and his hedgehog family are preparing to go into hibernation. However, for rabbits Ayana and Toto, who are his closest friends, winter is the best season of the year! There's so much to do, like playing in the snow, going tobogganing, and skating on the frozen lake. Despite the scary legends of what happens to hedgehogs who don't hibernate, Giuseppe decides not to sleep this year - the three of them are going on a quest to find snow! Together they will go on a great adventure, overcome their fears, and make some unexpected new friends along the way.

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