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Short films made by children 

In the program "short films made by children" children express their concerns, their concerns, and dreams, and more broadly how they see the world and their lives. In this way, we want to compose an overall picture of how children live in different countries and continents and contribute to familiarizing children with other cultures and with the concept of diversity.

Online Program:

The films are screened under Greek subtitles

Photo 6 image018.jpg


by Kids 'n Tricks I 2min I Germany

Robbie the seal and Mollie the seagull are living the good life by the sea. But dangers have been lurking on the beach and in the water for some time now. It's not natural enemies that they now have to fear, it's mainly plastic rubbish from humans that collects in the sea and threatens their habitat.

one drope-poster.jpg


by Kovsar Gurban I 0:50 min I Azerbaijan


This short animated film about climate change. Colorful Nature turned to black with fabrics, cigarets and cars' dust and smoke and fumes. Nature destroyed by human hand. But at the end a little child pour the One last Drop to the wilted sapling, tree from the plastic bottle he drinking a water. And then the Nature is alived again. Because every drop Matter!! 

Photo 2 05.jpg


by Yuanru Liu I 1:07min I China


Weiqi is a competition between black and white. The theory of Weiqi is extensive and profound, which contains profound culture. Not everyone has the talent to master chess, but to experience the game and understand the culture of Weiqi, even if you may not become a chess player, you can stimulate your imagination and enlighten your wisdom.

Photo 1 la_fin_de_la_nuit2.jpg


by  6 young people between 11 and 14 years old  I 5min I Belgium


A worker works in a light bulb factory. New lights are installed and, little by little, the night disappears...

Photo 2 2023-08-29_215709.jpg


by Liangyu Chen I 5 min I Taiwan


"1 2 3 Red light, Green light", Look back and see who moved? A global citizen must see, nobody can avoid it. This is an animated movie that cares for the ecology and blood ties, and is inseparable from our lives.

Photo 7 Bildschirmfoto_2023-12-06_um_21.36.23.jpg


by Kids 'n Tricks I 4min I Germany


At young koala Fred's home, there are often fights between his brothers and his father. When it gets noisy again, Fred runs crying to the playground, where he sees the lion girl Lizzy and the duck Mika. But the two soon leave the playground and Fred finds a coin in the sand. Mika realizes that she has lost her coin. Now they can't buy ice cream anymore. Back at the playground, they find Fred who has found that very coin. Lizzy wants to get the coin back ..

Photo 2 Battisti_23_1A_01.00_00_47_09.Immagine013.jpg


by 7 years old children of 1A class of Battisti Primary School - Brescia I 5min I Italy


This is a story of a little red all alone plasticine piece, lost in a blank film frame and how it met a new friend. And onother one, onether onme, another one and so on. Together we can be happy, we can be strong, we can be something new !!

Photo 3 5.jpg


by Elina Myshanych 8min I Ukraine


Wartime winter Kyiv. Maryna, a girl detective, is searching for missing people with her partner, an IT expert. This time a little girl has disappeared, and searching for her Maryna has to go through a mysterious quest. This is a mystical detective story about a childhood lost in the war.

Photo 8 Dopunska_nastava_2.jpg


by Petra Stirković (b 2004), Moira Domiter Labudović (b 2007), Hana Maleković (b 2008), Nikola Kolja Poljanac (b 2005), Roko Čulin (b 2007) I 14min I Croatia


This is a story about a movie robbery that someone didn’t see, someone didn’t hear, someone didn’t notice.The professor's delay to additional classes will result in a loss of money for the graduate journey. Five quarreling students are five suspects, each with their own motives and views of the situation. Additional classes, although without a professor, ended unexpectedly with a lesson: while they are separated, quarrelled and quarrelling, someone seizes the opportunity and steals their money.

Photo 3 Smutny_las_stills_2.jpg


by Jeremi Rzadowski  I 3min I Poland


The forest holds many dark and mysterious secrets of which the main characters become a part. On their night journey, they encounter a mysterious figure who shares a terrifying tale. The question remains whether the heroines will manage to escape their unfortunate fate.

Photo 6 6.jpg


by Children Laboratory ATOM I

13min I Kyrgyzstan


Mini-almanac created by teenagers - about fears and concerns. What are these fears? In today's troubled world, what causes danger? Darkness, height or something else??

The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts.jpg


by Savvina PahiI - The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts  I 5min I Greece


A genie makes children's wishes come true, but at some point they have to make a difficult decision.

Photo 8 VideoCapture_20230215-215644.jpg


by Chrysoula Nikolopoulou, 5th grade students (E1 class) I 7min I Greece


This student creation entitled "Elizabethan Theatre" narrates the basic historical and social elements of the Elizabethan era, regarding the development of the theater of the same name in England. The time period it focuses on starts from 1562 until 1642, when the English Parliament banned all plays and sealed all theatrical stages for the following 18 years.

The Creators

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