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“Draw whit me” by Constantine Venetopoulos

Gender Equality Project #Goal5

Recommended ages: 14+ 

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"Draw with me"

by Constantine Venetopoulos

The short documentary "Draw with Me" by Constantine Venetopoulos tells the story of the talented teenage artist Brenton Sol who identifies himself as transgender with gender dysphoria, whose art has been a vital outlet for self-expression. From his public manifestation and subsequent suicide attempt to his elevation as an advocate, this portrait of Brenton Sol and his family outlines what they experienced and surpassed during a touching journey of acceptance.


The documentary not only presents the social implications but also talks about grief, the search for identity and the acceptance of diversity. In this context, the documentary proposes a universal perspective.


Coming of Age, Family, Conflict, Diversity, Identity, Human Rights, LGBTQIA+

Courses (optional) 

Social Sciences, Literature, Art, Sex Education, Informatics

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