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Best Film made by children

The Letter India

A tender cinematic look from 15-year-old Aarsha Mukherji about the world

Best Film with a Focus on Diversity


A realistic fiction film that in a beautiful lyrical way directly addresses children by speaking their language by breaking down stereotypes between human relationships.

Best Film on Human Rights and the Environment

The silence of the river  

A film that directly affects man's interaction with nature Wonderfully filmed, which illuminates the child's perspective against the background of magic and the power of nature.

Best Animation Film for ages 8-14


A dreamlikely structured animation touchingly inventive in how one can through the power of love can overcome one's fears and traumas.

Best Animation Film for ages 4-10

The kite

It renders in a simply enchantingly beautiful and age-appropriate way the subject of death, giving a positive existential message. A creative touching performance of how man abandons his body.

Best Fiction Film for ages 8-14

Summer fasting   

An inventive film that renders a tricky theme for children seen from their perspective, which translates in a unique way what fasting, religion, tradition is.

Best Fiction Film for ages 14+


A complete film with a cinematic structure and texture that delivers the elements , diversity, inclusion,bulling even though it is Canadian is aimed at a wide teenage audience.

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