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Animanimals: Zebra

by Julia Ocker

One day the zebra runs against a tree and learns something.


Love your body - Acceptance of differences -

Self-esteem -Integration into the team

-Who is the hero of this story?
-What's wrong with him?" [As he walks, he falls into a tree]
- What problem is he facing? [She loses her stripes: she no longer recognizes herself as she was]
- Why is this a problem for the zebra? [He wants to regain what he was before the shock]
"What is he doing then?" [He hits the tree again to regain his stripes]
- How do you think the zebra feels?
[ Surprised by her changes
Frustrated at not succeeding
She worries that she won't be able to find her stripes.
scared ]
- When the zebra meets the other zebras, what is it afraid of? [Rejection, mockery]
- How do the other zebras find her? [pleasant, beautiful, impressive, original]
- How do the zebras show her that they accept her? [Clap their ears, approach her]
- And finally, how does our zebra feel? Is she embarrassed or worried about her difference? [No, she is proud of herself and full of joy]
- You have moments when you feel a bit like this zebra: different?
- Do you sometimes feel a little different?
-Are there times when you are angry with yourself like this zebra?
- Tell me about a time when you were afraid that the team wouldn't accept you?
- Tell me about a time when you felt proud of yourself.
- Who once took the step to accept you and love you as you are?"
- Have you ever accepted someone different from you?
- How did you reassure him, integrate him?
-Give children the shape of a zebra, without stripes
-From multiple graphic prints (black and white), offer children to fill their own zebra dress... a personalized dress. No two will be the same.
- Ask the children to name their zebra.
-Present the herd of zebras on the wall. They are ALL DIFFERENT...

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Animanimals: Zebra

Animanimals: Zebra

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