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Short Films - Short Adventures I part A

Runtime:  52 min. | Recommended Ages: 7-9

The films are screened under Greek subtitles

The program includes animated shorts full of tenderness and discovery for ages 7 and up. What would we do without our imaginations? 

The program is prefaced by the author of children's books Antonis Papatheodoulou

Shorts in this lineup:

Photo 1 img-Le_Tout_Petit_Voyage-300dpi-2.jpg


Animation by Emily Worms I 8min  I France I 

John sees an extraordinary sight: Titi his parakeet opening the door to own his cage, all by himself! Yet the bird doesn’t fly away… So John decides to help Titi overcome his fears, as the pair set out on a tiny voyage.

Pebble Hill (2).jpg


Animation by Marjolaine Perreten I 29min  ISwitzerland, Belgium, France 

A small family of shrews lives on the edge of a stream. But one day, heavy rains fall sweep away the village. Luckily, the family escapes the worst, but their house is destroyed. The little family then sets out to find a new place before winter

Photo 4 SMP-NILS_P51.jpg


Animation by Nils Balleydier I 4min I France I 


Seven-year-old Chloé copies her older brother, Théo, who is practising taï-chi in a snowy field as a group of starlings looks on.

Photo 1 Img-Tete_en_l_air-300dpi-1.jpg


Animation by Rémi Durin I 10min I

France-Belgium I


Alfonso, a young squirrel, always has his head in the clouds. He loves watching them and sometimes takes snapshots of them. His parents and friends find it hard to take his hobby seriously. But cloud-gazing is not always easy – Alfonso sometimes has to be as brave as some of the great explorers of our times...

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