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Short Films - Your Voice 

Runtime:  60min. | Recommended Ages: 12-14

The films are screened under Greek subtitles

The program is prefaced by the actor Kostas Mparas

Shorts in this lineup:



Fiction by Johanne Prégent I 10min I Canada


Clara, 14-year-old, eats her lunch every day hidden away in the school bathroom. She has suffered their bullying, but now knows how to avoid her tormentors, although her school life remains troubled and dysfunctional. When 12-year-old Felix stumbles into HER room looking for a place to hide, the hunted teens find themselves in forced isolation. Forced to spend time together, their resistance gives way to complicity, and when Felix’s attackers find their hideout, the pair have to think quick to elaborate a plan. In a brave mix of improvisation, sincerity and sensitivity, they make up a strategy to change their fates



Fiction by Xinying LaoI 15 min. I China 


Except for mountain landscapes, magical rocks, and a few other kids, the village where Xiaohui lives with his grandfather and two cows has nothing to offer. The nine-year-old sorely misses his parents who work in the city. When grandpa has to sell a calf, the clever grandson tries everything to prevent the separation of mother and child. A soulful cry for love in times of capitalism



Fiction by Halima Ouardiri I 13min I Canada  

Mina loves to skate. Today, her father, recently divorced from her mother, accompanies her to her first figure skating lesson. An ordinary day if something hadn't happened to the skates.



Animation by Janice Nadeau I 9min I Canada  

Harvey takes place during the first few days of spring, that time of year when kids are eager to see the snow melt and to cast off their winter coats, which suddenly seem way too warm. For ur eponymous protagonist, though, this spring will mark him forever - because this is the spring when his father passes away.



Fiction by Shimrit Eldis I 11min I Israel 

A 13-years-old girl imagines her first kiss in a very romantic and detailed manner. But, just like all important life events, it isn’t what she expects. Her pursuit after the perfect first kiss becomes a journey of dissillusionment. 

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