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by Lisa Delhom and  Jérémy Paquet  

 10:00 Canada

Iris and Leo are waiting for their school bus, just like any other day. This morning, however, it does not arrive. Facing no rules but their own, the two eight year-olds embark on an urban adventure, one they shall never forget, roaming the streets of Montreal.


When creating Mercredi (Wednesday), we wanted to make a light, heart-warming film revolving around the theme of experiencing the simple pleasures, frustrations, and fears that children have in the course of a day spent without adult oversight.

In movies and in daily life, we have been witnessing a lot of tension and drama recently, and we feel that people have been tending to forget that happiness can reside in uncomplicated things. We wanted to make a film that kids could enjoy and identify with, while adults could also find a way to let go for 10 minutes, and be thrown back to a much simpler time. This is why we chose very specific themes: friendship and childhood, two topics that are often taken for granted and that we find have not been represented enough on screens lately.

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Lisa’s curiosity for all parts of the process of filmmaking has brought her to work in many fields in the industry throughout the years. She started her career in the casting department of the 2014 French production Yves Saint-Laurent and the Europacorp production Danbé, la tête haute. She then decided to move to Montreal to work more closely with the North American industry. She kept her links with casting and the acting world by working in two different talent agencies and then moved on to assisting the producer of the TV Series, Versailles. Constantly wanting to learn, she also participated in the post-production process of Versailles and became a post-production coordinator on several American shows: Big Little Lies, The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair and The Morning Show. Having the knowledge and understanding of the many key departments of filmmaking, Lisa decided to dive in the world of producing and directing, releasing her first short-film Mercredi (Wednesday) which she wrote, produced and directed with her co-worker and friend Jérémy Paquet.

Jérémy studied film at the University of Montreal. As a passionate autodidact, he learned many different graphic design and editing techniques in addition to his university studies. His determination allowed him to begin his career working in one of Montreal’s most prominent post-production studios Real By Fake. His most recent credits include Ariana Grande’s video clip Breathin, the Apple TV Series The Morning Show, and HBO’s hit Big Little Lies. Thanks to his versatility, he was able to develop his skills not only as an offline assistant editor but also as an online and VFX editor. Watching and learning from his peers, he started editing indie projects himself and was the editor of Mercredi (Wednesday) which he also wrote, produced and directed with Lisa Delhom.