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Walking in light

by Elena Zervopouou

27' Italy / Greece

Genre: Video-dance 

(with the participation of unaccompanied refugee minors)

A journey of resilience of young refugees in search of a better future in Europe. From Libya to Italy, from hell to illusion, passing from the sea, challenging one's faith to life and freedom. From traumatized adolescence to premature maturity, our protagonists are unaccompanied

refugee minors, hosted in shelters in South Italy. They are the narrators of their lives and they contribute in bringing alive the poetic vision of the film through performing and dancing with Italian dancers. The video-dance has been inspired by art-therapy Participatory Video (PV) workshops,conducted by the filmmaker Elena Zervopoulou, that took place in the shelters with larger groups of young refugee participants.


"Walking in Light" trusts in human potential and resilience. Participants’ stories become geographical and introspective journeys in search of a better future. Overcoming difficulties is being artistically elaborated before being shared with the audience and transcended. Recognizing the resilience of those who have suffered becomes a catharsis for the wider community locally and cross-nationally, generating openness and optimism, uniting rather than dividing. The film then becomes the background canvas of a video-dance performance, including physical theater, dance and music, that premiered at Matera 2019 (Italy) European Capital of Culture. A multidisciplinary project promoting intercultural dialogue and raising awareness among the local population, while empowering, through participatory approach, young refugees to regain hope and self-esteem, to become actors of their changes and to facilitate their integration in Europe.


Elena Zervopoulou

Film director, producer & ethno-psychologist Founder of One Vibe Films 
Founder, president of Diversity United

Greek and French. As an ethno-psychologist (Masters in Clinical Cross-Cultural Psychology from the University of Paris 5), I was supporting immigrant families in Paris and refugee youth in South Italy. As a consultant at UNESCO, I have facilitated the socio-educational integration of street children in Madagascar. Holding a Masters in Documentary filmmaking and visual anthropology from Paris 10 University, I have written, directed and produced, with my company One Vibe Films, creative documentaries for international broadcasters and for NGOs, mainly shot in remote areas of Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa. I founded Diversity United to empower vulnerable communities for a better inclusive world, using participatory artistic processes, such as the Participatory Video workshops I run. Aspiring to accelerate social change, I design & create interactive cross-media, as well as develop innovative digital platforms (inspired as covid solutions for vulnerable communities, that extend their benefits in the long term). 

Sea Gypsies joined the “Why Poverty?” series, led by BBC. It was covered by 69 broadcasters reaching over 200 countries worldwide. 
Greece: Days of Change nominated by the Millennium International Documentary Festival, for the “Workers of the World” award (Belgium), and by Docs Barcelona for the “New Talent” award (Spain). Screened in 60 cinemas around Spain, as “Documental del mez”. 
Anti-bullism campaign, cross-media interactive educational tool (idea-design, multiple end scenarios, direction, production) for the EU. Officially used by the Greek Ministry of Education as well as in 6 other European countries. 
Walking in light, a poetic video-dance performance inspired by Participatory Video (PV) workshops with young refugees hosted in shelters in South Italy. 
BeLeaf VR 360, a virtual reality poetic film, part of MaTerre, officially included in the cultural program of European Capital of Culture 2019, Matera, Italy.