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Summer Fasting

by Abdenoure Ziane
 18:02 France

Summer is burning the suburbs. Kader, eleven, tries for the first time to make ramadan fasting. This is a rite of passage that he can’t fail. He is joined in this adventure by his best

friend Rudy who, as a non-muslim, sees this tradition as a new game. To achieve this day, the two kids will have to resist against hunger, thirst and boredom.


Joyful and light-hearted, Summer Fasting is a perfect summer short film. The tempo is vivid, but it never feels forced, while Ziane takes an occasional breather to let the audience reflect about the things in the front (the friendship expressed through solidarity and fooling around together) and in the background (how it feels to be coming from the working class, or Muslim background, or both, in contemporary France). The camerawork by Alexandra de Saint Blanquat, usually hand-held and melting in the colours of the hot summer, suits the film perfectly, while Julie Roué’s music in the fashion of Enio Morricone’s work for Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns hits the right notes, those of irony and tension, perfectly. Summer Fasting is proper little gem.

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After a year in Modern letters bachelor, Abdenoure integrated the first promotion of Luc Besson's Ecole de la Cité in the screenplay department.
Since he graduated in 2015, he worked as technician or assistant on shooting sets. He is a member of the group Sans Gêne that organise exhibitions and cultural event on the themes of gender and sexuality in Paris' suburbs.
In 2019 he directs his first short Manifesto starring Darina Al-Joundi, Antonio Buíl and Guillaume Cloud-Roussel, then his second film Summer fasting with Sabri Ouamar and Timi-Joy Marbot, wich won the Moulin D'Andé Grand Prix in 2018.