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Short films made by children 

In the program "short films made by children" children express their concerns, their concerns, and dreams, and more broadly how they see the world and their lives. In this way, we want to compose an overall picture of how children live in different countries and continents and contribute to familiarizing children with other cultures and with the concept of diversity.

Online Program:

The films are screened under Greek subtitles

Photo 5 dschungel006.jpg


by Children of the Nordmarkt primary school 

Animation I Germany 2min

The fox has lost his way. He has been entering a ship by mistake and has been landing on another continent. Now he is facing discrimination as a stranger. But by a coincidence, he gets the chance to prove, that he is a stroke of luck for the animals in the jungle.

Photo 9 Wohnzimmer_Zeitungslesen_Still.jpg


by Lilith Jörg I Animation I Poland 4 min 

No dialogue


The barriers are in the mind.  Leonhard sticks to his usual daily routines. He is anxious and overprotective. Until one day he decides to hike to a mysterious waterfall he read about in the newspaper.

Photo 2 Moments_Still02.jpg


by Hurshida Sherkulova, Evgeniya Papina, Surayyo Tashpulatova

Animation I Uzbekistan 8min 

No dialogue


Walking the streets of Bukhara, you can hear a lot, because the walls in this historican city can talk



by Andrew Chan-Possemato

Fiction I Canada 11min


An urban fairy tale about Ashton, a lonely boy with neglectful parents, who embarks on a global adventure when he enters a contest to become the new butler of Bob Chan, a grieving, reclusive singer. The first film by nine-year-old writer/director Andrew Chan-Possemato.

Photo 3 elternloses_abenteuer_30.jpg


by Filmgroup TrickU

Animation I Germany 2min

No dialogue


The world is on the brink of extinction. The streets are littered, the animals are dying out. When the children come out of school one day, all the adults have disappeared. What they don't know: Their parents have been abducted by aliens so the kids have a chance to make everything better. 

Photo 2 Still_02.jpg



by DRF Children Animation Studio

Animation I Uzbekistan I 15min

No dialogue


Our apartment is filled with various household items. Some are gathering dust on the shelf. Lonely and forgotten recluses. But others are constantly in sight. Someone makes a noise, someone shouts, and someone is silent and touchy. Just like people.
And therefore strange - do things behave like people, or do people behave like things?)

Photo 4 vlcsnap-2019-01-08-15h26m39s426.jpg


by Students of Toon Club

Animation 10min

No dialogue


A planet looks through it’s telescope and notices Planet earth being dumped with waste. When the earth’s mercury level rises, it calls the doctor. The doctor comes in and gives earth a dose of medicine. 

Photo 4 Clean__Green_5.jpg


Students of Ecole Mondiale World School India Animation I 2min

No dialogue

Planet Earth is dumped with loads of garbage by humans. The neighbouring planet is amused. The Sun is shocked.  The poor teach the rich to clean up and keep India swachh and clean

Photo 3 FLY_3.jpg


by Students from Poland (Children's Art Centre) and India (Toon Club) Animation  2min

No dialogue

‘FLY’, is a short handdrawn animation film created frame by frame on a regular school notebook (flipbook animation) and a paper plate (animation on phonotrope). This is an abstract film with no particular theme or storyline.

The Creators

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