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Short films made by children 

In the program "short films made by children" children express their concerns, their concerns, and dreams, and more broadly how they see the world and their lives. In this way, we want to compose an overall picture of how children live in different countries and continents and contribute to familiarizing children with other cultures and with the concept of diversity.

Online Program:

The films are screened under Greek subtitles

Photo 5 Le_chteau_malfique_06.jpg


by 22 enfants I 5min I Belgium

A group of children, the Oranges, make a long journey to meet another group of children, the Blues. The Oranges stop in a very strange castle. There, their leader disappears. Everyone goes looking for her...

Photo 1 grateful_still_1.jpg


by Anna Vassiliou and Anna Tsinonta I 2 min I Cyprus


As the pandemic evolves, the two 13-year-old creators come to a realization: there are many things they have been taking for granted! So, they decide to list what they are most grateful for. They are grateful for things you would expect and things you… wouldn’t! In the end, their philosophy of viewing life during the pandemic as a glass half-full instead of a glass half-empty, resembles that of the Stoics.

Photo 1 2g.jpg


by Alexandra Delgra, Tiana Distefano, Nina Fiala, Kevin Lu, Alice Phelan, Merlin Puhr, Angelo Schiroky I 7min I Austria


14-year-olds explore humanity's stumbling struggle for sustainability.



by Children of daycare center Möhrenbande  I 5min I Germany


Even among friends there are sometimes quarrels. The great unicorn is broken and Anna and Leo are still pissed off when they are picked up from daycare. But then strange things happen at night: When all the kids are home, pirates, saber-toothed tigers, unicorns and fairies come to life.

Photo 2 _MG_0043.jpg


by Jeremi Rzadowski I 8min I Poland


A multithreaded story about the amazing adventures of Anna and Farmer, the main characters of the animated film by 6-year-old Jeremy. A couple of friends are kidnapped through a magical portal. Each of them ends up in a different world, meeting on their way characters who do not always have good intentions. Evil lurks around every corner...




by nature nurserey Cologne I 9 min I Germany


The bumblebee sings with day-care children in the morning circle, followed by the live broadcast of an international football match. At lunch, the pizza freezes, the Allosaurus climbs out of the puzzle and carries the children across the courtyard, and on top of all that, the magpie has stolen the treasure. .....

Photo 1 Skolajeskola_02.jpg


by Oskar Bujger, Lovro Blažon, Agata Golembiowski, Sven Tarnik Stamenković, Ivan Mikulić, Eva Romana Cvijetić, Leda Gradski, Mirej Đurović I 10min I Croatia


Two apathetic girls have decided to skip school on the first day of the new school year, and they meet by chance on the run. They wander the city together all day and discover the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


mentor: Vjeran Vukašinović

The Creators

Photo 2 Empathy.Still002.jpg


by Alex Gouchtchina I 28min I Canada


A story of quirky kids and lively people trying to make sense of the world. Going into the project with nothing more than a single theme - "Empathy" - meant there was an opportunity to empower the cast and build our film the way we wanted to, together

Photo 1 Meduza_02.jpg


by Mirta Baranović, Oskar Bujger, Lena Radošević, Ada Simonetta, Renato Horvat, Jelena Jurić, Lasta Trupčević I 2min I Croatia


A short animated work about Medusa’s mischievous snakes. Who will be petrified next?

mentors: Dea Jagić and Hana Matejašić

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