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Short Films for Short Children A

Runtime: 48 min. | Recommended Ages: 4+

The program "Short films for short children 1" for ages 4 years and older, screens 4 films full of colors, tenderness and discoveries to deepen children's growing appreciation for cinema through an inventive series of narrative approaches. A story of discovery in the film " Babies and the bear" captures the magic of the world. When the magic of kindness and colors comes to the heart of the films "Bemol" and "Rainbow" you will be amazed. And if you yearn for magical funny stories with princesses and knights you will be thrilled with the Greek participation in the film " The Knight's Hart "

Shorts in this lineup:

Photo 1 Bemol_01_1920x1080_300dpi.jpg


Animation by Lacroix Oana I Switzerland I 6min.

No dialogue


An unfeathered but talented nightingale charms the forest residents with its song. After a terrible thunderstorm, the nightingale falls ill and loses its voice. Furry friends band together to help the nightingale recover.

Poster be165f3e3b-poster_edited.jpg


Animation by Marek Skrobecki and Maja Garmulewicz  I Poland I 4 min I No dialogue


Two toddlers (brother and sister) and their friend the Teddy Bear take viewers into an imaginary world of colors and shapes. Children explore how the movement of the sun changes light and shadows. Trafik is scared of the dark and tries to keep the day going..

Photo 3 Rainbow_Still_Picture_1.jpg


Animation by Hui Tan I United States I 8min

No dialogue


This is a fabulous film that confronts the cultural backdrop of the Chinese taboo that forbids dialog about poverty or financial want, two children discover a way to give a Mother's Day gift beyond the value of money.

Photo 7 Frame_5897.jpg


Animation by Vivi Markatos I Greece I 30min


Col, a young farm boy, dreams of becoming a knight! On his journey he will visit a grand castle, explore a mysterious forest, and meet a colourful cast of characters. Will Col have the courage to face his fears, and prove he has what it takes to be a knight?

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