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by Alessandro Guida
15:00  Italy

Rome, Spring 2017. Sacha is an Italian boy who grew up inside a group home. Like all his acquired "brothers", he is fond of football and in particular of As Roma team. At the age of 18, however, Sacha is forced to abandon the facility where he grew up, thus finding himself living what is actually happening to his biggest idol: Francesco Totti. Like Sacha forced, indeed, to leave his home because of his seniority. The acquired freedom and the challenges that the outside world will present to him, however, will prove to be more difficult than expected to be managed. The short film is inspired by a true story, although adapted to cinematographic needs


Before that I also did a trilogy of shorts focused on the derby and The third half is taken from one of them. In this particular case I wanted to unhook because the feature film was very different from the initial project. The fact remains that I always like to tell the sport without showing it. I prefer to show what is behind it, in the sense that even here the story is that of a family home, of a very different environment than that of football. Paradoxically, during the preparation, I discovered that the only thing that unites the boys with realities other than their own is precisely football, seeing the game together. It's something that I, as a 35-year-old, have never experienced, because my father and brother, by the way, cheered different teams. We used to go to the cinema all together, whereas today with Netflix there is much less, so I really liked this thing, and that is that the children of a family home, despite having different origins, found in AS Roma something that united them. When you miss great landmarks like a family, dad, or mom, you need something stronger; not just someone to be inspired by, but something more. Totti for some of them perhaps represents that father figure who missed. It sounds crazy but it really is.

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Alessandro Guida (23-03-1984) is a producer and director of music videos. In recent years he has produced the video productions of Maneskin, Ultimo, The Journalists, Salmo, Ligabue, Emma Marrone, Club Dogo, Fedez, Tiromancino, Rocco Hunt, Alessandra Amoroso, Verdena. Also active as a producer for the commercials Mercedes, Adidas, Dmax and for web series.
He wrote the film "The third time" produced by Filmauro and presented at the Venice Film Festival 70. Graduated from the Experimental Center of Cinematography in the past he worked as an assistant director or in production to over twenty films including "Twilight - New Moon "," All life before "and" Twenty cigarettes in Nassirya ".