Operation Commando 
 by Jan Czarlewski
21:05 Switzerland

Children play war in this summer camp, a war opposing the Indians to the Commandos. Two brothers are separated in between the two rival groups. The eldest promises the youngest that he will go look for him on their first night.

Distribution & International Sales : Salaud Morisset.


I wanted to film a game in a summer camp, looking for the charm, the fragility and the hardness of children. I wanted to show the influence a group can have on an individual, as well as the power a monitor can have on his protégés. « Operation Commando » tells the story of a first betrayal. And its resolution, as derisory as it may seem to an adult, will stay deeply anchored in children’s memory.


Jan Czarlewski is a French­Polish director and screenwriter, working between Paris, Lausanne and Warsaw. He is interested in both fiction and documentary. He likes to explore what is off­center and to look for irony. In 2012, he graduated from the Cantonal School of Art and Design in Lausanne (ECAL). His short­films have encountered a large success in film festivals around the world, especially « The Ambassador and Me » and « Stuttering Love » which respectively won the Golden and Silver Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival.


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