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We Welcome You


by Kostas Lenis

18:00 Greece

A group of five cyclists travel across Malawi to donate school uniforms to the children.


This trip to distant Malawi in itself is an experience. Especially when accompanied by such a special action. The attempt to capture all this

on camera, stumbled upon my need but also my desire to live it and participate as a member of the mission as I was, from the birth of the

team of Spin the wheel in Greece with actions to find resources, to the end. The filming was therefore done more through the prism of

the emotional charge of the participant, than through the distancing of a professional. With the material of about 25 days condensed in

these 18 minutes, I tried to show on the one hand the economic poverty that plagues the whole country and on the other hand the

cultural reality of this distant place through everyday life but also through social events that take place in the community!


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Born in Athens, he was involved with films from his early years. In the recent years, he has become more active with filmmaking professionally. He has directed the short fiction "Bee my Eyes" (2018) and two short documentaries, "Growing Relationships" (2019) and "We Welcome You" (2020). He has also worked as a line producer and is a founding member of Cinemascoop   collective productions.