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Learn to swim
by Gaya von Schwarze

On an ordinary Sunday morning, Karin breaks out of her conventions and impulsively leaves home on her daughter's racing bicycle. She wants to look for her son, who left the sheltered family home a while ago. Karins’ way leads her to a farm where her son has settled down with other social dropouts. Unconscious of her behavior, she falls back into old schemes of mothering, reminding her adult son of why he left his old, conventional life. Their current mother-son relationship seems stagnant and they are challenged to meet each other in new ways.

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Gaya von Schwarze was born in Jerusalem in 1994 and grew up in Tel Aviv.
Since 2016 she has been studying Film Directing at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin, where she has been living since.
Her second year film FREISCHWIMMER had its world premiere in 2019 at the 67th Festival de San Sebastian. Since May 2019 she is a scholarship holder of the
"Stiftung des deutschen Volkes".