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         Jury Members 
Psaroloco International Film Festival for Children & Young People 

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 Irini Andriopoulou I Greece


Irini Andriopoulou specializes in media, film and digital education with 20 consecutive years of experience and research. She is internationally elected as General Secretary of the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance
and member of the Expert Group on Digital Education and Combating Disinformation (DG Connect, DG EAC). From 2018-2023 it was responsible for the Department of Research, Studies and Educational Programs at EKOME -
National Center for Audiovisual Media and Communication, for audiovisual issues and film literacy in the context of EKOME's strategy for Education. in Media and Information, where, among other things, he coordinated the Euro-Mediterranean Team of UNESCO Media & Information Literacy Alliance, on behalf of EKOME. He's got
edited the Greek edition of the "Teachers' Study Guide for Education".in Media and Information" (UNESCO, 2014), the "EΚ
OME White Paper on Media and Information Education" (2018), he is co-author of the book "Media Education: Key Points for Interpreting the Messages of Media (DIMLE, 2017), and has written numerous articles on audiovisual and
film education in Greece and abroad. He has a lot of experience in film workshops for schools (students and
teachers) in collaboration with the children's and youth film festivals. He is a member of the Research Committee of ECFA – European Children's Film Association while he was a film education consultant in the international project Fest of Fests (2019-2021). He is a graduate of the Department of Communication and Media of EKPA, holder of an MA in Media
Studies, University of Sussex and PhD candidate in the Department of Journalism and Media of AUTH.


Natalia M. Bratli I Norway


30 years of animation experience - short and feature cartoon films and animation series, commercials, TV programs. Animator, scriptwriter, storyboard and lay-out artist, at more than 20 animated film projects at international film production studios of Moscow and Budapest. Currently director and producer of a little creative animation studio ULVENFILM located in Lillehammer, Norway. The studio has a focus on nice and kind children's animation. Such as the project «Little Grey Wolfy» - a cycle of four short films on four seasons of the year. And the new short film «Ursa-The song of the Northern Lights», which is not only a cute story, but also touches on environmental problems. Natalia M. Bratli is the author and screenwriter of all her film stories



Vivian Papageorgiou

Doctorate of EKPA (EMME, Cinematographic Studies) and holder Master's Degree (Nouvelle Sorbonne Paris III) in the field of Movement & Audiovisual. He studied English Literature at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Directing at the Lykourgos Stavrakos School and Decoration at the Dimitreli School of Arts. In 2016, he was selected in his Talents Sarajevo Film Festival and the script of Hansel in the script Pitch. In 2018, the script of Lost won the prize of the Hellenic Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the Short Film Fund competition. He works at the University of Athens, department EMME, has created six short films and is in the process of making them development of her first feature-length documentary.

Filmography: Lost, 9', animation, 2021 Hansel, 17', fiction, 2020 Crisis, 9', experimental, 2019

Inner Land, 18', fiction, 2015 With open wings, 22', documentary, 2017 Last incident, 10', fiction, 2003


Dimitris Papadopoulos 


Dimitris Papadopoulos studied pedagogy, social exclusion, film education/literacy and media education/literacy. He holds a PhD from the Film Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In his dissertation he explored contemporary developments in film education/literacy. He proposes the connection of film theory and history, cultural studies and critical pedagogy as a basis for a theoretical model of film education in schools. He teaches issues of Film Education at the Department of Film School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and issues of the relationship between Culture, Art and Education at the Department of Creative Media and Industries of the University of Thessaly. He has scientific publications and articles. He is the author of two books (one collective). He is one of the founding members and scientific manager of the "Regional Network of Cinematographic Education" where 10 institutions participate. He has organised numerous film education workshops for students and teachers. A number of short films have been created in the framework of the workshops. He has directed short films and documentaries as well as three feature documentaries with participations and awards in numerous international festivals. He is also involved with photography.

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