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             Psaroloco’S heart in Argos Orestiko  

The Psaroloco Children's and Adolescent International Film Festival premieres at the welcoming Argos Orestiko 10 and 11 July.


A multi-collective program with masterful children's short films, cartoons, fiction and documentaries from all over the world, are hosted in the acritic corner of Greece and promise a unique spectacle.


The screenings will be held free of charge and will be hosted at the Argos Orestikos auxiliary stadium under the starry sky, while, of course, observing all necessary sanitary measures.


The Psaroloco program includes original and award-winning short films that take us around the world, from France, the Netherlands and Russia to Guinea, Peru and Spain, and introduce us to new heroes as well as different cultures.


Their selection is based on primarily pedagogical and artistic criteria. These are films that have won significant international awards, have been loved by children and young audiences - but also adults - and their value has been recognized, both by professional film critics and by educators and educational institutions.


The experience of the Festival and the educational discussion that frames it, based on Psaroloco educational resources with young viewers, cultivates appreciation for cinema and encourages lively discussion between children and families.


The screenings are prefaced by the talented actor Konstantinos Danikas,

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