Jovanna For Future

by Mirjam Marks

15:05  / Netherlands 

Genre:  Youth Documentary

Recommended ages: 8+ 

Sometimes Jovanna longs for a little dessert, even if it’s in a plastic container. At times like these, she thinks it’s stupid that she has to take the climate into consideration in whatever she wants to do. But everything this Dutch girl says, and the way she lives, shows that she does exactly that. She doesn’t eat meat, and she and her family live in an “earthship,” where they generate all the energy they use. And Jovanna goes on climate strike every Friday, right in the center of town.

Like thousands of young people around the world, she was inspired by climate activist Greta Thunberg. Children can’t vote, so going on strike is the only way to make their voices heard. There are brief appearances from young bloggers from Australia, Curacao and Japan, who all believe that something has to change. After summer vacation Jovanna is going to high school, and she won’t be allowed to strike anymore. So when will the grownups finally start doing something?


For me every-where children are the same: the most important, the most open, unspoiled and honest people in the world. That’s why I like to work with them. My main motivation to make documentaries with and for children is to give children a podium, a place to be heard and seen. In my films I don’t want to judge or create the feeling by the audience that children are pathetic, on the contrary , I show the power and flexibility of children, unless or thanks to the situation they live in. I think sharing stories is essential in the world we live in to get to know each other to create the possibility to understand and respect each other. I think a personal documentary is a very suitable way to share stories.

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After her studies Theatre Studies Mirjam Marks started working at VPRO Youth Television (Dutch Public Television Channel). Through her experience in research and production Mirjam became specialised in content creation for youth documentaries and series. Through a television programme she visited Suriname and immediately fell in love with the country. She moved there with her family and stayed for six years. In Suriname she made several documentaries for Dutch television, she initiated several workshops for kids and she also founded and became Creative Director of the children’s museum Villa Zapakara. When she moved back to the Netherlands she continued her work as a documentary maker and in 2014 she joined Cinekid as Head of Television.




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