International Competition

Fiction Short Films 

Recommended ages: 8-14

Blue & Malone: Impossible Cases

 by Abraham López

20:00 Spain

The Crossing Guard

by Marguerite Diderjean
13:40 Belgium


by Lisa Delhom and  Jérémy Paquet  

 10:00 Canada

The Chicken

by Una Gunjak
15:00 Croatia

Summer Fasting

by Abdenoure Ziane

18:02 France

In Deutschland

by Christoph Rath

 14:41  Germany / Guinea

Like Playing

by Berenice Adrianzen Zegarra

20:00 Peru 

Operation Commando

 by Jan Czarlewski
21:05 Switzerland


by Julia Zakia and Ana Flavia cavalcanti

15:20 Brazil   


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