Human rights and Environment (2022)

Runtime: 45min. | Recommended Ages: 12+

For ages 4 and older, the "Short One" program showcases films full of colors, tenderness and discovery to deepen children's growing appreciation for cinema through an inventive series of storytelling approaches. A story of acceptance in the film "Cat and Bird" captures a wondrous world. You will be equally amazed when the magic of kindness comes into focus in the film "Bembol". And if you yearn for magical funny stories with princesses you will be thrilled with the Greek participation in the film "The Deer and the Knight" 

Shorts in this lineup:

Photo 4 JulietaEnDeSchildpadden_grade_JulietaEnDeSchildpadden_grade_21759.jpg


Documentary, Mirjam Marks Netherlands,15min


14-year-old Julieta lives on the Caribbean island of Curaçao and prefers to be underwater rather than above. he more time Julieta spends underwater, the more she is confronted with large amounts of waste on the seabed and that makes her extremely mad. Together with other volunteers on Curaçao, Julieta rescues sea turtles in need and tries to improve their habitat. Her actions sometimes only feel like a drop in the ocean for Julieta.

Photo 2 photo_2020-12-25_22-31-30.jpg


Fiction,Moein Rooholamini Iran 5min


In a special situation, Khalid has a duty to report to his brother.

Photo 3 FRE_PHOTO_2.jpg


Fiction, Sâm Mirhosseini France 25min

Zak works as a deep-sea diver in Dunkirk’s dock’s waters. An immigrant from Iran, he arrived in France ten years before. Keivan also is Iranian, and part of the stream of migrants whose ambition is to reach England. Keivan tries to take advantage of Zak’s privileged access to the docks, yet is Zak going to accept to help his compatriot?

Photo 2 TheChimneySwift2.jpg


Animation - Documentary Frédéric Schuld, Germany, 5min


19th century in Europe. A child climbs up a chimney while a bird sails down into it to build a nest. An encounter with no way back. A British chimney sweeper describes his everyday routine of forcing young kids to become workers. While we observe a kid cleaning a chimney, the master's statement gets more personal with every sentence until we understand, that he is speaking about his own past.

Photo 1 Copy_of_Earth_mural_high_res_3.jpg


Documentary, Dominique De Villiers,

United Kingdom, 18min


In the middle of a global pandemic young people from England, Serbia and Greece create huge public street artworks highlighting their hopes and fears about equality and social justice. We hear from the young people as they produce street murals - possibly the oldest form of art - about climate change in Athens and London and in the new post-Brexit Europe, we see the production of art about diversity and migration in Belgrade and Subotica.

Photo 1 film_still_THE_SAUSAGE_RUN_mother_sheep_and_Little_Red_Riding_Hood_1920x1080.jpg


Animation, Thomas Stellmach 

Germany, 10min


An animated short film which, with the help of multiple Zoetropes, tells the tragic story of a little lamb, loosely based on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Little Red Riding Hood’s family consists of the mother sheep, the lamb (Little Red Riding Hood) and a grandfather sheep. The forester and his wife are dogs with a soft spot for sausages. The wolf, a butcher, is a man with a serious problem - he has run out of meat.