Do you dare to decipher who "expert" is ?

Try to solve this riddle: A father and a son travel by car. They have a serious accident, the father dies and the son is taken to the hospital because he needs a complex emergency operation.

They call a medical eminence but when he arrives and sees the patient he says: “I can't operate on him. He's my son".

Think about your answer… It's simpler than you think. You have it?

The Expert is a documentary short film that raises this situation in which very few rightly answer. From the different answers, the short reflection on how the prejudices and sexism that still prevail in our society originate.

The objective of this project is to show the prejudices that apply to women and through film and education, break with these gender stereotypes, making visible the work of scientists like Margarita Salas, one of the great scientists of history and pioneer of molecular biology. Asturian biochemistry was passionate about scientific dissemination and worked tirelessly to bring science closer to society.

"The interesting thing about the puzzle is that when you have an authority figure you fill it in with a male."

Asunción Bernárdez Rodal, gender specialist.

" … It does not mean that people are ‘bad’, sexist or that they want to deliberately discriminate against women. This is just how our mind is organized at an unconscious level. "

Deborah Belle, Boston University

The Expert 
by Carlota Coronado and Clara Roca
22:00 Spain

Genre:  Documentary

Recommended ages: 8+ 

Everything is born with a riddle. A riddle with a very simple answer, but for many people the answer is not so obvious. Why?Everything is born with a riddle. A riddle with a very simple answer, but for many people the answer is not so obvious. Why?


Candidate for Best Documentary Short Film. Goya Awards (Spain)

Portobello Film Festival 2019 - Official Selection (UK)

Filmfest Weiterstadt Open Air 2019 - Official Selection (Germany)

Saint-Petersburg Film Festival 2019 - Special Jury Mention, Special Audience Mention (Russia) 


The intention of La Eminencia is to see women like Margarita Salas who are eminences in science. Pioneers who open so that other children want to be like them. Carlota Coronado in interview for RNE



Carlota Coronado and Clara Roca join forces to write and direct this short documentary film. For Clara Roca (Menorca, 1986) “La eminencia” marks her debut in film directing after studying film and photojournalism in Argentina and Spain, and working in advertising and theatre production. For Carlota Coronado (Madrid, 1978), this is her tenth short film as a director with include Libra, Luciérnaga and 16 semanas amongst others. Carlota is also the founder of Zampanò Producciones, together with Giovanni Maccelli, whose short films have received numerous national and international awards including the Goya to the best animated short film in 2015 for Juan y la nube.


Women, Education, Gender equality, Science, Feminism, Women in film, European cinema, Goya Awards