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by Min Sung Ah  

17:13 France

Recommended ages: 4+ 

Bori, a 7-year-old girl, is bored at the daily routine in countryside. Everyone is busy except her because it's busy farming season. She is looking for someone to play with, but life is not what she thought it would be.



It's a story of me who was a lonely little girl. I want to defend it when people describe the loneliness is a something bad because we can't grow up without it.



MIN Sung Ah graduated from The Korean National University of Arts (KNUA) in animation in 2007. After many experiences in South Korea in the animation sector, she moved to France in 2017 and now lives in Bordeaux. Boriya is her fifth short film.


2019 Boriya (animated short)
2013 Koong!.. Porr! (animated short)
2009 The Newly coming Seasons (animated short)
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