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Blue & Malone: Impossible Cases


by Abraham López

20:00 Spain

On the eve of its demolition, Berta visits the old theater where her grandmother used to work. She finds out that it's not completely abandoned. Mortando Malone and Big Blue Cat, her old imaginary friends, are there to help her solve an impossible case: recapture her capacity to dream.


“Blue and Malone Impossible Cases” is a short film based on fantasy and hybrid technology that mixes 3D animation with live action and stars Aura Garrido, Álex O’Dogherty and José Luis García Pérez. Berta (Aura Garrido) is a young, stressed out journalist trying to deal with the responsibilities of the adult world who visits the old theater where her grandmother worked the night before it was demolished. There she discovers that the theater has not been entirely abandoned. Mortando Malone (Álex O´Dogherty) and Big Blue Cat (José Luis García Pérez), Berta’s old imaginary friends, turn her world upside down trying to help her solve a truly impossible case: how to recover her desire to dream. What happens if they can’t do it? With unique imagery, evocative lighting, charming characters and a tender and emotional story, “Blue and Malone Impossible Cases” is a project that embodies the best spirit of cinema by mixing entertainment with emotion.

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Abraham López studies at EICTV and works as animator in TV series and as creative director and director in advertising for important brands (BMW, Adidas…). Directs the TV series Mad and Bad (2007) and Clanners (2011-2012, RTVE) winning several prizes. Nowadays he directs animation from his own production company. Marcos Valín studies at ECAM and directs Atención al Cliente and Rascal Street both nominated for Goya Prizes. Participates in Planet 51 and works as a stop-motion animator in O Apostolo, Frankenweenie (Tim Burton) or Solan og Ludvig (Norway).