afisa baracoa.jfif


by Pablo Briones  

 01:30:00 Switzerland

genre: docu-fiction​

Recommended ages: 10+ 

Hot summer has come to their tiny village in the Cuban countryside, Leonel and Antuán intimately explore their universe far from adults. With a considerable difference in age, their unique friendship is torn between games and fights, conversations about everyday life, existentialist questions, simple pleasures, and boredom. As his older friend is drawn to the busy life of the city, Leonel is forced to examine his life and place in the world. While the Cuban society is going through a transitional period, the two friends also come to a crossroads.


Baracoa is a film about friendship. It’s a delicate portrait of personalities that are battling between their own nature and the expectations of society and their peers. The desire to belong and to be recognised is so strong that it masks a certain sensitivity, one that the film magically succeeds in unearthing. A delicate and determined film, just like the protagonists’ personalities. 



Born in 1983 in Tucumán, Argentina, Pablo Briones is a film director, film editor, and cinematographer based in Geneva, Switzerland. During his early film studies at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, he collaborates as a film curator for Cineclub La Quimera & Agencia Córdoba Cultura. Within his Master’s degree in Film Direction at ECAL/HEAD, he directed A BEIRA DE LISBOA (Silver Mikeldi Award

at ZINEBI’55, Bilbao) and A BARCA, a diptych of

essay short films screened in Visions du Réel, Jihlava IDFF, FIDBA, Arkipel IDEFF and IndieLisboa among others. In 2016 he takes part in the workshop Filming in Cuba with Abbas Kiarostami, where he directed

PEZCAL (Best Workshop Film) screened in Locarno FF, La Habana FF, and Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen among many others. BARACOA is his first feature film


À BEIRA DE LISBOA, 8 min, 2013 (Silver Mikeldi Award ZINEBI’55,IndieLisboa’13, FIDBA 2013).

A BARCA, 21 min, 2015 (Visions du Réel2015, Jihlava IDFF 2015, Arkipel IDEFF 2015).

PEZCAL, 11 min, 2016 (Locarno 2016, La Habana 2016,

Oberhausen 2017).

BARACOA (Berlinale Generation 2019, Malaga 2019, CPH:DOX 2019).