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Short Films - .. B

Runtime:  55 min. | Recommended Ages: 7-9

The films are screened under Greek subtitles


The program "Short Films – Small Adventures" for ages 7 years and older screens 4 films full of adventure and secrets. They project the acceptance of diversity and the power of nature through an inventive series of narrative approaches.

Shorts in this lineup:

Photo 1 Patouille_1.jpg



Animation by Inès Bernard-Espina, Mélody Boulissière, Clémentine Campos I 7min I France 


Patouille is a little creature who lives in harmony with the plants. With his friend Momo, he discovers the amazing features of plants.

Photo 3 img-Louise-300dpi-4.jpg


Animation by Hefang Wei I  27min  I France

Luisa, 9 years old, has just moved to Mexico City. When Keza, her beloved lizard, escapes in the streets of the city, Louise goes looking for him and meets Arturo. Together with the wrestler Diego, the two children will pursue Keza and allow him to be reincarnated as the Mexican god, Quetzalcoatl.

Photo 3 EP122_SEQ010_SH1270_0003-leger.jpg


Animation by François Narboux I 11min I France

Edmond, Lucy and Mitzi are listening to Mima as she tells them tales about an amazing imaginary animal that lives in the forest: the Feathered Stag. Mitzi is fascinated and dreams of actually seeing one! Mima warns her: the Feathered Stag is very discreet and only a few lucky ones have ever gotten the chance to catch a glimpse of it! Edmond and Lucy decide to make Mitzi's dream come true and bring the creature to life...

Photo 6 IDODO_filmstill_06_RGB_72dpi.jpg


Animation by Ursula Ulmi I  27min  I Switzerland

IDODO adapts a local legend by the Ziag Zagaz clan of Papua New Guinea. The animated short film retells the story of how reef fish got their beautiful colors.

Long ago the fish transformed into humans and came onto land to celebrate and dance. Once the sun set, they hurried back into the sea, leaving behind a big mess. Curious as to who occupied the village in their absence, the villagers of one island plan to find out who these uninvited visitors were. What they would soon discover, leaves them astounded and mesmerized.

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