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Short Films for Short Children B

Runtime: 44 min. | Recommended Ages: 4-6

The program "Short films for short children 1" for ages 4 years and older, screens 4 films full of colors, tenderness and discoveries to deepen children's growing appreciation for cinema through an inventive series of narrative approaches. A story of discovery in the film " Babies and the bear" captures the magic of the world. When the magic of kindness and colors comes to the heart of the films "Bemol" and "Rainbow" you will be amazed. And if you yearn for magical funny stories with princesses and knights you will be thrilled with the Greek participation in the film " The Knight's Hart "

Shorts in this lineup:

Photo 5 JJ_Still_4.jpg


Animation by Chantal Peten I Belgium I 7min.

No dialogue


It's a beautiful summer day, Jules & Juliette are going to the beach. They are carrying on their heads the dinghy with which they intend to sail. It's already quite a deal! Of course, Jules is clumsy and doesn't fail to play the fool. The beach is deserted. It's a bright day for the two friends, full of laughter and connivance.

Photo 2 Shot_16.jpg


Animation by Carlos Douglas Jr I United States I 5 min I No dialogue


Kenya, a bold five - year old girl is reluctantly dragged to a symphony by her mother. Through the power of the orchestra, the young girl's passion for music blossoms before her own eyes.

Poster 05d35e9a22-poster.jpg


Animation by Eliza Płocieniak-Alvarez I Germany I 6 min I dubbed in Greek


The charming emotion "Fear" that lives in your head wants to give an interview. Maybe you can become friends! Or is there a reason to be afraid of being afraid?



Animation by Britt Raes I Belgium I 13min I 

No dialogue


LUCE AND THE ROCK is the story of two friends who, although they seem to have nothing in common, end up facing their fear of the unknown together. Luce lives a happy life in a peaceful little village, together with Mom and the Villagers. Every day is the same, and that’s the way everyone likes it. The only thing that scares Luce is the dark – but luckily her little lightsticks keep her safe! One day a giant Rock Creature disturbs the quiet life in the village. He destroys all the houses including Luce’s! Luce is angry and determined to take the Rock Creature back to his home. But the Rock might have more in common with Luce than she first thought..

Photo 1 ep161.GrizzyAndTheLemmingsS3_TheLegendOfTheLemmings_001.jpg


Animation by Cédric Lachenaud I France I 7min I No dialogue


The Lemmings create a shadow puppet show where seven papercut lemmings confront a bear over a jar of Yummy chocolate spread. The Lemmings in the audience are super enthusiastic, but Grizzy is outraged by the treatment inflicted upon the bear. He decides to intervene and equips the paper bear with armor and a saber! The Lemmings retort with ninja effigies of themselves and mount an attack to recover the coveted jar of Yummy spread. 

Poster 2963c762e8-poster.jpg


Animation by Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clément Céard I  7min  I France I No dialogue

To be sisters is about sharing a special bond and laughing together. To be sisters is to be propelled by love. But these particular sisters share an extra something a bit different, and that’s absolutely fine..

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