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Short Films - Sea and friendship

Runtime:  53 min. | Recommended Ages: 10-12

The films are screened under Greek subtitles

In the program, we find animated films for ages 10 and up that fascinate us with their stories.

With the stimulus of the sea and nature, the search for connection and recognition of friendship is revealed.

Shorts in this lineup:

Photo 3 Moules_Frites_3.jpg


Animation by Nicolas Hu I 26min I France  

Noée, a 9 years old girl, just joined her mother who started living on the island of Benac’h, in Britanny, where she works as a waitress. Soon Noée discovers that all the children on the island all know each other very well and live an easy life where money is no problem. They also love to sail. Noée would love to learn that too! But her mother doesn’t have enough money to pay for the classes…

Photo 6 IDODO_filmstill_06_RGB_72dpi.jpg


Animation by Ursula Ulmi I  27min  I Switzerland

IDODO adapts a local legend by the Ziag Zagaz clan of Papua New Guinea. The animated short film retells the story of how reef fish got their beautiful colors.

Long ago the fish transformed into humans and came onto land to celebrate and dance. Once the sun set, they hurried back into the sea, leaving behind a big mess. Curious as to who occupied the village in their absence, the villagers of one island plan to find out who these uninvited visitors were. What they would soon discover, leaves them astounded and mesmerized.

Photo 2 STILL_05.jpg


Animation by Roman Guillanton  I 6 min  I Netherlands  

Mido lives alone and loves to sing, when one day a musical band of animals stops at his home. That day, Mido discovers two things : a strong desire to be part of this musical group and his disastrous singing.

Photo 1 swop_ep03_dentist_additional_still_02.jpg


Animation by Job, Joris & Marieke I 11min  I Netherlands  

Sef doesn’t want to go to the dentist. He tricks Wesley into swapping heads with him. Wesley has no choice but to go through with Sef’s dental treatment. Fortunately, the pain is soothed by the present he gets from Sef’s parents as consolation. Wesley had never even received such an expensive present from his own father. Wesley decides not to tell Sef about the present.

The series was based on our Emmy-winning short film Kop Op. 

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